Why become a partner ?

Differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering the highest level of telecom services

Increase your business potential in a simple and profitable way. IP Nexia offers different types of partnerships like Partner Referral, Reselling Partner, Value Added Reseller or Wholesale Partner.

Who can become a partner ?

  1. Telecom advisors.
  2. ICT/Telecom Integrators.
  3. Cloud resellers or – application developers.
  4. Mobile operators.
  5. Telecom agents/resellers.
  6. SOHO/SME Retailers.
  7. PBX/Telecom/ICT Vendors.

Different type of partner

Being a Referral Partner

  • Referral partner brings on ‘hot’ leads.
  • IP Nexia direct sales skipping prospection/cold calling.
  • Feedback on customer’s type of interest.
  • Does first introduction to prospect customers.
  • Optionally attends first IP Nexia introductory meeting.
  • No further involvement in consequent phases (sales, delivery, finance, etc).
  • Contractual/financial relation with IPNexia.
  • Receives a % based finder’s fee, recurrent and non-recurrent, during duration of customer contract.

Being a Reselling Partner

  • Agent contract (specific legal framework) proposed to the Referral partner.
  • Referral partner is in charge of full sales cycle: from prospection to closing.
  • With the support of an IPNexia Account Manager – Indirect (AMI):
    • Supports where/when necessary in front of customer (typically project/offer development/presentation).
    • Liaise to IPNexia back office (Co-op with Sales Support).
    • No further involvement in consequent post-sales phases (finance, support, etc).
  • Contractual/financial relation with IPNexia.
  • Receives a % based commission on recurrent and non-recurrent sales during duration of customer contract.

Being a Value Added Reseller

  • In mutual agreement
    • Sells selected IPNexia Solutions & Services.
    • Adds own ‘value’ in form of products, solutions & services.
    • Typical split between HW/Install/Config (VAR) and Services (IPNexia).
  • Same format as Reseller, except
    • Agent contract with clear definition of IPNexia and VAR roles and responsibilities.
    • VAR responsible for integration of IPNexia offer with own offer (with support of AMI).
    • Split according to IPNexia and VAR contribution: contract, Invoicing, Post-sales

Being a Wholesale Partner

  • IPNexia ‘sells’ specific products, solutions, services to the wholesale partner (IPNexia = Enabler).
  • Wholesale partner ‘white labels’ :
    • In own look-n-feel.
    • In own format or copy of IPNexia format.
    • With own pricing level and structure.
    • Contractual relations :
      • BetweenIPNexiaandWholesalepartner.
      • Wholesale partner with customer (no relation between IPNexia and
  • Partner assumes full customer facing responsibility (sales, support, etc).
  • Not commission based but ‘discount/purchase price based’.

Interested by becoming an IP Nexia Partner ?

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