Conferencing Solutions

Our Video-Conferencing or Web-conferencing solutions provide a high-quality, secure and seamless solution for communication regardless of distance or location.

Our Solutions

Our Video Solution

Our best in class HD Video conference bridge solution supports HD video point to point, multipoint, conference and streaming inside a group. You can have more than 1000 users with recording capabilities and you can use standardized protocols to be compatible with many edge devices like Polycom, Cisco, etc…

You also have access to Soft-clients for smartphones and PC and easily access the conference service, for any user at any location.

Video conferencing solution
Audio conferencing solution

Our Audio Solution

Our Voice conference bridge solution allows users to dial-in on a common number delivered by IPNexia and start a conference-call. Those dial-in numbers can be toll-free numbers like 0800 or geographical numbers in more than 40 different countries.

Our Voice solutions can be offered as a permanent solution or as an occasional on-request solution. The price of our audio conferencing solution is based on the number of users allowed in the conference and the duration of the conference.

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