IP Nexia increases its capital

IP Nexia is a major player in VoIP and unified communication solutions in Belgium. The purpose of the 2 million euro increase in its capital is to finance major investment and develop the company’s activities.

IP Nexia, a VoIP (Voice over IP) and IP solutions integrator based in Diegem, increased its capital by 2 million euros at the start of June.

2016 started well for IPNexia with the key being the arrival of several important new customers, the arrival of new products such as SmartCom (a Microsoft Skype for Business based solution) and a recent partnership for the use of new Data Centres in Luxembourg. The purpose of the recent increase in capital is to support the company’s development and allow IPNexia to position itself even further as one of the best integrators in Belgium.

For Hugues Taittinger, Chairman of the IPNexia Board of Directors:

“The IPNexia development strategy is bearing fruit. This increase in capital is part of this positive line and its purpose is to support the development of IPNexia”.

For Michel Coric, IP Nexia CEO:

“2016 will be an excellent year in terms of the development of Voice over IP. Our customers installed base in this technology is not ceasing to increase and the churn of ageing technologies has considerably slowed. Finally, 2016 proves to be a financial year where IP Nexia confirms is equilibrium and positive EBITDA”

About IPNexia:

IP Nexia is one of Belgium’s best integrators and operators, offering VOIP IP convergence solutions for businesses. IP Nexia responds to all B2B market communications needs: our range of services offers solutions in different domains such as networks (Internet, VPN, …), telephony (VoIP, Mobile, Cloud…), collaboration, IT services, telecoms services and major integration projects.