IP Nexia is looking for a 2nd line Engineer.

Description of Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Participate in the design and implementation of Unified Communication products and any other related services and setups.
  • Assist in full or part for day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting of production systems, internally and externally.
  • Maintenance of the Voice Technology infrastructure and related areas/network. Assists in keeping the networks/software and infrastructure fully operational and up or ahead to industrial standards. Assists in ensuring full 24/7/365 service continuity and stability. Marks problem areas in pro-active fashion in regards to service risk, service interruptions, required monitoring and alert systems and provides recommendations and/or suggested solutions or improvement suggestions.
  • Stays on top of industry technologic developments and evolutions.
  • Active role the TIER-2 escalation team for all customer deployed products and related issues originating from TIER-1 in order to resolve, be it remote or onsite assistance whenever required.
  • Acts and operates on a daily bases in full conscience and drive to attain to processes, procedures and to reach internal and external set KPI’s and SLA’s. (Pro)-actively takes the necessary action for identified or potential service disruptions/quality concerns etc. per the according processes and drives for resolution.
  • Actively contributes in the roll out of new products in both delivery and support area. Evaluates delivery processes, writes and delivers training and ensures user/client documentation is up to date.
  • Creates and maintains knowledge articles for both TIER-2 and TIER-1. Ensures the knowledge base is up to date.
    Facilitates continuous improvement within and beyond the Operations department. Ensures quality control on TIER-1, and takes appropriate actions to improve TIER-1 knowledge.
  • Creates, maintains, analyses and distributes the necessary reports as assigned and drives to create according analyses and assessment reports. Suggest actions to remedy diagnosed issues/trends within the Operations department and beyond.
  • Actively participates, or drive when assigned to, large technology or platform migration projects.
    Takes initiatives to improve user experience, in whichever shape or form, for new and existing products or procedures.
  • Approaches day to day operations with a professional, driven, flexible and can-do mentality and behaves as a role-model advocating the company, brand in positive and constructive fashion at all times.

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Communication: Strong communication skills.
  • Result Driven: focuses on the delivery of targets, quality and deadlines. Shows strong tenacity until successful goal/result achievement / Level 4.
  • Decision Making: Makes decisions by interpreting the rules.
  • Customer Focus: Fosters a customer-focused culture.
  • Quality: Commits to continuous improvement.
  • Builds Relationships: Is able to build strong professional relationships.
  • Team Player: Promotes team cohesion and acts as a strong key-element within the team encouraging cohesion and team-work.
  • Personal Drive: Takes responsibility for personal development, objective realization and pursues achievement with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Problem Solving: Pro-actively and persistently identifies and deals with issues and opportunities.
    Innovation: Seeks new, fresh and efficient approaches to handle the business and service management. Pro-actively approaches, involves and engages clients in seeking new approaches.
  • Adaptability: Understands and embraces the need for adaptability to change and demonstration of resilience during change, challenges and uncertainty.
  • Continuous Learning: Is able to identify and addressing personal strengths and weaknesses, developmental needs and changing circumstances to enhance personal and organizational performance.
  • Change: Anticipates change opportunities, drives initiatives by involving key-individuals and resources and secures commitment for change. is capable of working efficiently in a constantly changing environment and within a variety of dynamic work situations.
  • Stress Management: Maintains effectiveness in the face of stress.
  • Business Sense: Has a clear understanding of the organization’s role and how personal performance affects and influences positively and engaged service management. Actively sources for new approaches and opportunities to develop business by being aware of client needs and market changes.
  • Customer Needs Analysis: Is strong in determining customer requirements by analyzing the customer’s industry and core business.
  • Product and Service Catalog Mastery: Shows superior knowledge of products and services.
  • Organisational sensitivity: identifies with the IP Nexia values, aligns actions and behaviours with project needs and priorities; works within adherence to procedures, planning, monitoring.
  • Ethics and Integrity: “walks the talk”, abides by business conduct guidelines and ethics; deals appropriately with confidential data.
  • Oral and Written Communications skills: is persuasive, directive and assertive to others; advises and challenges program managers. Is structured and gives accurate and logical information in written reports.
  • Team orientation: builds effective, co-operative relationships with others; good co-operation and synergy with other departments such as Sales, IT & Engineering; deals with diversity.

Required Experience

  • Master, Bachelor computer science, telecommunications, or equal by experience.
  • Minimum CCNA or equal by experience.
  • Practical Network engineering knowledge and how to interact with a VoIP environment (class 4 – class 5).
  • Experience operating IP telephone platforms such as Cisco, Microsoft or any Centrex Solutions.
  • VoIP call routing/delivery.
  • Network and VOIP quality troubleshooting experience.
  • Familiarity with various IP networking protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP and IP Multicast.
  • Basic knowledge in architectural VOIP & Mobile network design.
  • Basic understanding of Service Desk environments and principals.
  • Ability to multi-task without losing focus of critical details.
  • Ability to excel in a team environment that emphasizes total cooperation and mutual respect.
  • Ownership of strong skills ENG / FR / NL, both written and verbal.

Send your CV and cover letter to: For more information: 02 / 600 16 39