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An Order Management Supervisor

General Scope of the Role:

The Order Management Supervisor :

  • Is responsible for team, people and performance management of the Order Management team.
  • Coordinates the workflow, allocates tasks, manages escalations, acts as a contact point for Order Management matters and performs team management functions including objectives setting and performance management.
  • Ensures efficient workflow and quality in service delivery.
  • Is back-up of Order Management agents and is helping them with their tasks.
  • Is responsible of the stock management.

Description of Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Drives the team within his department to deliver first-class standard customer service.
  • Manages, coaches team-members to reach internal and external set KPI’s and SLA’s.
  • Supports installment of department and company specific procedures, work-instructions, process-flows etc…
  • Actively contributes in writing, maintaining department processes, work-instructions, process-flow etc… Is responsible that all related documents for the department are up to date and known and applied within the department.
  • Actively contributes in the implementation of a framework and structure within Order Management and all interweaving processes with other departments. Creates the necessary processes.
  • Conducts weekly meeting with each team member in order to tackle performance, weak and strong-spots, necessary improvements, career-planning etc. Applies an open door policy towards the team at all time.
  • Conducts annual performance reviews with the team and allocates annual objectives.
  • Creates a training program with a planning and documentation of this. Sets training objectives for the team.
  • Functions as SPOC/Primary interface between Order Management and all other departments.
  • Actively takes the necessary action to identify potential service disruptions/quality concerns and drives for resolution.
  • Actively makes suggestions for improvement in relation to company services and products based on information captured via the Order Management department.
  • Functions as the main traffic-light for the status of Order Management department.
  • Creates, maintains, analyses and distributes the necessary reports and takes necessary actions to remedy diagnosed issues within the Order Management department.
  • Actively contributes to raising, logging, following up on quality concerns in order to facilitate continuous improvement within the department and beyond.
  • Assists, supports when necessary in the day-to-day operations to secure Order Management continuity.
  • Creates the necessary schedules, holiday-planning, training-schedules etc… in order to ensure according business continuity at all times.
  • Approaches day to day operations with a professional, driven, flexible and can-do mentality and behaves as an example in positive and constructive fashion at all times

Core Competencies

  • Leadership Has the ability to inspire, influence and motivate individuals. Is able to manage operational and organizational changes.
    Fostering Teamwork Shares information, knowledge and personal strengths. Seeks to understand and builds on different perspectives of others to enhance team efficiency and quality outcomes. Has the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups to learn to work together.
    Flexibility/Adaptability Performs effectively within changing environments. Modifies own behavioral style and approach in order to achieve results.
    Decision Making Has procedural analysis, diagnostic analysis and evaluation skills. Has the ability to correlate, sort and interpret data from a variety of sources.
    Management Excellence Maximizes organizational effectiveness and sustainability with action, people and financial management.

    Ensures integrity and management of information at all levels.

    Customer Orientation Has the ability to demonstrate concern for satisfying external and/or internal customers. Anticipates and responds to needs and demands of clients (both internal and external).
    Fostering Innovation Has the ability to develop, sponsor, or support the introduction of new and improved method, products, procedures, or technologies.
    Results Orientation Has the ability to focus on the desired result, setts challenging goals, focuses effort on the goals, and meets or exceeds them. Achieves efficient, timely, quality results by directing efforts on expected outcomes while providing exemplary client service within expected timeframes.
    Thoroughness Ensures that one’s own and others’ work and information are complete and accurate; carefully prepares for meetings and presentations; follows up with others to ensure that agreements and commitments are being fulfilled.
    Engagement Mobilizes people, organizations and partners in developing goals, executing plans and delivering results.
    Attention to Communication }   Is able to ensure that information is passed on to others who should be kept informed.  Uses language as a flexible tool to share and collect information, exchanges ideas.
    Personal Credibility Demonstrates concern that one be perceived as responsible, reliable, and trustworthy.

A Sales Representative - Corporate

General Scope of the Role:

The Sales Representative will solely focus on the expansion of our client portfolio (hunting)The main operational objectives are :

  • Lead generation by actively prospecting the market in search for new business
  • Detect all commercial opportunities related to IP Nexia’s activities in strategic fit with the prospect’s needs.
  • Take ownership of the full sales cycle to offer the IPNexia product portfolio
  • Act as an IP Nexia ambassador

Description of Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Effectively prioritise work activities to ensure a balanced pipeline is in place at all times.
  • Lead generation: use all possible means (cold calling, cold canvassing, attending events, etc) to generate prospect list
  • Qualification: qualifying necessary number of prospects to ensure a sales funnel in line with personal sales target
  • Position the full IP Nexia portfolio & services.
  • Detect all prospect needs with focus on selling a broad IP Nexia product mix
  • Identify Decision Making Unit (DMU)
  • Develop and present product/service proposals
  • Responsible for final closing of the sales deals
  • Accurately adapt forecast and activities to changing market conditions
  • Updating all working toolsin order toreflect the
  • Ensure maintenance(clientportfolioand prospects) of records in all systems, especially CRM,to ensure propermonitoringof activity
  • Ensure timely and complete handover to Account Management (Customer Loyalty)

Required Experience

  • 5y+ working experience in the ICT with preferably within an integrator
  • Experience and proven track record in Value Selling and translate these needs into a high qualitative and customized offer based on validated IP NEXIA processes.
  • Advanced technical knowledge in the telecommunications area such as xDSL, Ethernet, IP, VoIP, Quality of Service, IPBX vendors …
  • Result driven: take ownership to reach targeted sales results through accurate Account Management in order to secure existing revenue and Cross/Upsells
  • Hunter mentality: the ideal candidate should be able to identify vertical opportunities and define territorial market approach by continuously prospecting and managing new regional & national range indirect channels.
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to close corporate bids/deals
  • Quality driven : understand the need for quality all-round throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Language: Bilingual. English is a considerable plus
  • Good presentation and communication skills
  • Permanently use CRM tool to provide accurate and trustable weekly funnel

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