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AnyNexia Platform

End of the year 2020

Our New UC Platform AnyNexia has been enriched! This platform is offered to all our existing SmartSwicth Customer! AnyNexia comes with a bunch of brand new features! Have a quick look at our highlighted features:

Web Client & Mobile App
Audio & Video Calls
Contact Synchronization
Video Conferencing (internal & external use)
API developments available on request

It’s Christmas before Christmas!

10G Network

December 2020

IPNexia is proud to announce that its brand new 10G Network is now deployed adding improved 10G interconnections. This new network has been built while focusing on:

– Improved WAN Management & Increased capacity with Transit Providers

– Higher Capacity for our customers with Best-in-Class Video and Voice Quality

– New Distributed Cloud Model and Advanced VoIP Cloud redundancy

– Enhanced Security and reliability

IPNexia is now ready to cope with the continuous growth of our customer Business and their needs for more security, availability and bandwidth

Collaboration with MolenGeek.

In the year 2020 IP Nexia decided to collaborate with the MolenGeek Initiative.By donating laptops to unprivileged families in Brussels and at the same time we encourage you to do the same.

But what is MolenGeek ?  It is an association who wants to help entrepreneurs to make their company evolue by learning them coding, but also possibly marketing with their coding school and marketing lab.

So in resume like our CEO Michel Coric said : “We will continue to help. Each according to their possibilities… But above all a maximum of solidarity”